Spara Foot Massage Tool


Spara has been a GAME CHANGER for my patients with plantar fascial pain. The track keeps the marble in line with the fascia and muscle. It’s a great way to manage and prevent the recurrence of plantar foot pain.”
Dr. Michael J. Chin, DPM
The Medical Director of The Running Institute
and Windy City Foot and Ankle Physicians, LLC /
Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine



“Like most endurance athletes, I’ve struggled on and off with plantar fasciitis over the years. I’ve tried every treatment and remedy possible from frozen water bottles, to golf balls, to therapy balls, but for me, Spara’s Podiatry Massage Tool has been a game changer. It’s an affordable and effective tool that allows me to target all the problem areas of the foot, including the outer edges of the foot (lateral fascia). Spara’s Podiatry Massage Tool has now become part of my daily recovery and maintenance, and I recommend it to all the athletes I work with.” 

Jean-Paul Bédard, Canadian Ultra Marathoner
2015 Canadian Runner of the Year, Veteran of 160+ marathons, named by HuffPost as one of the “50 Most Influential Canadians"




“Being an Ex-Professional Hockey Player with three Stanley Cups, and now an avid golfer, me and my teammates have dealt with PF at one time or another. During my career playing in the NHL I've tried out countless methods to prevent foot injury and treat pain, but nothing has been as effective as Spara. I use it everyday.” 

Steve Smith, Buffalo Sabres Assistant Coach
NHL Coach / Three Time Stanley Cup Champion with the Edmonton Oilers / 16 Seasons playing in the NHL



Dr. Eugene Lopez / Midwest Sports Medicine

"I have been a Sports Medicine Specialist & Orthopedic Surgeon for over 33 years. In my professional experience, I have treated numerous Chicago sports legends including Walter Payton, Ed Obradavich, Dennis McKinnon, as well as several PGA Tour Professionals. Injury prevention is a crucial element in any athletes training, but inevitably muscles/joints/bones wear down over time. My clients come to me for the best treatment options and sustainable strategies to help them stay active. Spara is not only an easy-to-use, affordable means for athletes to prevent injury, but an effective tool to keep active individuals on their feet post injury."

Dr. Eugene Lopez, MD, Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist
Midwest Sports Medicine, Voted One of Americas Top Surgeons by the CRCA



Greg Hipp / CARA / Chicago Area Runners Association / Spara

 A proper training and treatment plan is the best answer to avoiding injuries. CARA trains runners to reach their goals, and Spara will provide our runners access to a great tool to achieve the treatment and recovery plans that keep them running.”

Greg HippCARA Executive Director (Chicago Area Runners Assoc.)
Thirteen Year Track & Field and Cross Country Coaching Experience with Appalachian State Univ., Missouri State, Northern Illinois Univ. / Seven NCAA Division-I Conference Team Championships 


“As an experienced Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician, and an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Specialist, I treat many people with multiple pain issues. I am always looking for the Best of the Best in Self-Help strategies and devices. Spara is a very well made, unique, thoughtfully designed device that can be easily used for the relief of plantar fasciitis. Due to the specific design and material qualities, this device can deliver focused, therapeutic pressure on injured areas without a lot of extra work from the patient. It also has applications for alleviating myofascial trigger points that are a source of foot pain as well. I highly recommend this device.” 

Angelique C. MizeraD.O. FAAPMR, C-NMMOMM
Swedish Covenant Pain Center & Department of Rehabilitation Medicine


“Aside from the pain relieving benefits of Spara, (which are great) I like offering it to my patients as a tool to "wake up the foot.” Small changes in our ability to both feel and control the feet can have great benefits for one's body. Spara allows my patients to improve their proprioceptive awareness of the foot while also getting a nice myofascial release, which can be incredibly valuable. In short, Spara works!” 

Adam BrueneD.C., Cert. MDT, DNSET
Owner/Founder, NeuroActive Health & Fitness


“When the mountains are calling, proper training is essential. So I recommend Spara to all of my participants in preparation before, during, and after tours. Most of my clients are in the 65+ demographic and are accustomed to foot pain, and it’s nice being able to offer an easy and effective tool to allow them a more enjoyable experience on our hikes.” 

Laura OlsenHiking Tour Guide, Certified Personal Trainer
Owner/Founder, Hike Inn Tours 


“I’ve been a roofer for 40+ years and dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for the greater portion of my life. Up until now no remedy or device has come close to relieving the pain like Spara has. Within the first 2 weeks of using Spara I was moving with ease again.” 

Bart MarinoRoofing Contractor
Owner/Founder, Bartco Construction Inc. 


I am a Chiropractor who has been treating patients with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems for over twenty years. We see a lot of athletes in our practice and often find this injury can be debilitating.  We have recommended numerous self-therapy products to help alleviate foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Spara is not only the best but easiest product for the patient to use at home.” 

David ShifmanD.C.
Owner/Founder, Advanced Wellness Center


"What I like about Spara is its simple design, ease of use, and the control it provides the user to pinpoint trouble spots. As a marathon runner, trainer, and advocate for helpful therapy techniques/devices, I would recommend Spara to anyone dealing with foot injury."

Peter Marcy, NSCA-PT
Personal Trainer & Coach at Galter LifeCenter

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