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Spara Helps Elmhurst Hospital in NYC Stay On Its Feet

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, was overwhelmed with Hundreds of COVID-19 Patients
Facebook Post by Dr. Kristina Janson

As you probably know,
Elmhurst is in the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, located in New York City. Their doctors have been working around the clock to fight the virus… and it took a toll on their feet. It really hit home when we saw this Facebook Post by Dr. Kristina Janson.

After seeing Kristina’s post, Spara wanted to take action. Team Spara knows first hand how rapidly foot pain can develop, and these Doctors have been working 12- Hour Shifts For 20 Days Straight. As Dr. Janson mentioned… “ their feet were in HORRIBLE condition contusions, pressure ulcers, muscle strain, severe plantar fasciitis, etc... ”

Facebook Post by Dr. Kristina Janson

We reached out to Dr. Janson, ready to donate Spara Foot Massage Tools to help relieve the staffs’ foot pain. Here was her response:

Dr. Janson
Dr. Janson pictured with Dr. Phillip G. Fairweather, Elmhurst’s Attending Emergency Dept. Physician (Janson on right)

"That is a really kind offer. Anything would help. You name the problem and I am seeing it from tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, etc. It is the staff of Elmhurst ER, including PA’s, MD’s and nurses. They are all working double duty and their feet are wearing out from the abuse.

This has been a very trying time.

I am doing Foot Hour about every 3 days now because there are so many problems. I am not familiar with your product but I have been a podiatrist for over 30 years so I feel confident that I can find a way to help these health professionals with your product.

Thank you very much for your generous offer."

Kristina Janson, DPM.

Dr. Janson
Dr. Janson pictured with Dr. Phillip G.Fairweather, Elmhurst’s Attending Emergency Dept. Physician (Janson on right)

So we donated Spara Foot Massage Tools to them last week - Dr. Janson responded:

“Here are some photos of doctors using the device that I gave out to them today. They loved it and said it really feels better.”

The next day she let us know: “The DOCTORS LOVE IT.”

We plan to donate more Spara Tools to hospitals in need, and YOU can help too. If you would like to purchase a Spara Tool for donation… you can buy one here. For each one you buy as a donation, we will donate one too. All donations will be sent to first responders in need.

If you know a First Responder in need, please email us at

Here at Spara, we’re happy to help in any way possible, but we would be even more grateful if you could share this to social media to help increase the number of Spara Massage Tools we can get in first responders’ hands.

Curious about how Spara works?  Check out this testimonial from Gary Brunetti, a First Responder and 25 Year Veteran of Foot Pain.

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