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Our goal is to build awareness, educate, and offer effective and affordable treatment options for all active individuals. Together WE CAN!
As a company, we regularly take calculated risks. We continually weigh our options and resolve to act based on our best judgment. Hence the need for due diligence prior to action, no matter how substantial the presumed impact of those actions. Start-up companies experience a tremendous amount of weekly, and sometimes, even daily calculated risk. For example: What layout to use when setting up for an expo? How long to wait before approaching distributors? Is this partnership going to be detrimental to our company, or the key to its success? These decisions require careful deliberation (often accompanied by trusted counsel), and can result in both negative and positive outcomes.
In our experience, as long as action is NOT abandoned to the whims of luck or hope, the outcome is more than likely various levels of success. At the very least, failure will provide us with knowledge, which in turn enriches our company as a whole for better delegation of future risk. At a certain point, important decisions that were once perceived as “risk”, we now recognize in a more appropriate manner… “opportunity”.

- Dakota Smith, Spara Founder and President

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