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Our Story

Over two million people develop Plantar Fasciitis every year, and I was amongst that group of tough individuals who fight it every day.

In 2015 I made a choice to put a higher value on my overall health. I started taking paths that would lead me to success, both physically and mentally. In three months, I burned off 35 pounds thanks to healthy eating and active living. Running had become part of my life, and in turn, so did pushing my body’s limits. Like so many others, I was unaware of the risk involved in progressive overload training and quickly developed plantar fasciitis (PF) in both feet.

I tried every conservative recovery measure available to me, in an attempt to overcome PF, but found little success. I was working construction 40+ hours a week at the time, so kicking my feet up and taking time to heal was not an option. I had to find a solution… or better yet, develop my own solution.

During my search for relief I met with numerous podiatry physicians and physical therapists, and started to notice a pattern in their recovery recommendations. Cryotherapy and massage were recurring elements of treatment. I quickly began developing a tool that combined both treatment methods into one easy-to-use system, which incorporated a marble ball and track. After just five days of consistently massaging and icing (as recommended on the Spara FAQ page), I was pain free!

I spent over two years perfecting the Spara Podiatry Massage Tool, and to this day continue marathon training free of foot pain. I found that consistently using my Spara Tool at the start of everyday to be a valuable strategy in preventing common injuries and allowing myself unrestricted movement. Of course with any injury, rest is always necessary, but the recovery time is significantly less when using Spara. If you or someone you know is an active individual and/or suffers from chronic foot pain, Spara can help!

"For all the things you can't do, Spara is here SO YOU CAN!"

Dakota Smith 

Spara Creator


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