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Plantar Fasciitis

Roughly 2 million people are treated for plantar fasciitis every year, and it is the most common cause of pain in the heel of the foot.  Prevalent among runners and people who spend more than four hours per day on their feet, plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation of the ligament — the plantar fascia — that connects the toes to the heel bone. 

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis pain is most often felt in the arch or heel of the foot. Symptoms can range from minor aches with your first steps in the morning to severe pain that prevents you from performing everyday activities. Many times, signs of plantar fasciitis are mistaken for typical heel pain, and symptoms can worsen when left untreated.

The following are the most frequently experienced symptoms of plantar fasciitis: 


Causes and Risks of Plantar Fasciitis Pain

The foot's plantar fascia supports the arch in the foot, and a stabbing pain is felt when repeated tension and stretching causes the ligament to become irritated and inflamed. The following are a few major causes of plantar fasciitis:

Ignoring plantar fasciitis or improperly treating it as everyday heel pain can lead to chronic pain that affects the way you perform daily routines. Adjusting how you perform certain activities to accommodate your plantar fasciitis can result in more severe knee, hip, back or foot problems.


Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Many plantar fasciitis sufferers are able to successfully ease their pain with at-home plantar fasciitis remedies. The following are the best ways to find help for plantar fasciitis pain in the comfort and convenience of your home, hotel room, workplace or just about anywhere: 

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