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Do you suffer from chronic foot pain? Is the pain so bad it hurts to stand? Are you no longer able to exercise?  If you leave your foot pain untreated it might become a HUGE problem.  Which is what happened to one runner, Dakota Smith, who got Plantar Fasciitis. Luckily, he invented this brilliant tool to heal himself! Introducing The Spara Podiatry Massage Tool, AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF TOOL FOR YOUR FOOT THAT DOCTORS ARE RAVING ABOUT!

  • TOP PHYSICIANS & PHYSICAL THERAPISTS RECOMMEND SPARA. Over 1 million Americans seek medical treatment for foot pain each year. Doctors often recommend a daily deep tissue massage to reduce foot pain, but there was never a good tool for an at home foot massage. Spara changed that with its PATENTED Multi-Surface Grip Track that allows you to target the source of your pain with a deep tissue massage. Doctors recommend Spara for a controlled foot massage that reduces your foot pain and helps cure chronic conditions like PF.
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS (PF) is the leading cause of FOOT PAIN.  You get PF when a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot (plantar fascia) microtears and becomes inflamed.  Spara gives you the perfect foot massage to reduce micro-tearing and inflammation, so your foot can heal. 
  • Get your life back!  Foot pain can basically ruin your life. Every step you take feels like you are stepping on a razor sharp rock. You end up being in too much pain to leave your house and you miss everything. Spara is here to get you back on your feet so you can have your life back!
  • ICE & MASSAGE with CONTROL! Spara uses Marble Massage Balls, which stay FROZEN up to 10 MINUTES. Just place the marble ball on our PATENTED Multi-Surface Grip Track, and roll your feet on the Massage Ball for 5 minutes a day.  You will feel the difference almost instantly.
  • Spara received the prestigious American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. Accredited physicians, trainers, recreational and professional athletes are recommending Spara to treat pain and improve performance.
  • Priced to fit any budget and backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Try Spara for yourself RISK FREE and put it to the test! Don’t love Spara? Send it back within 30 days of getting the shipment for a full refund. (But your feet will beg you not too!).
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Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Michael J. Chin, DPM

Spara has been a GAME CHANGER for my patients with plantar fascial pain. The track keeps the marble in line with the fascia and muscle. It’s a great way to manage and prevent the recurrence of plantar foot pain.

I have treated numerous Chicago sports legends including Walter Payton. Injury prevention is a crucial element in any athletes training. Spara is not only an easy-to-use, affordable means for athletes to prevent injury, but an effective tool to keep active individuals on their feet post injury.

Dr. Eugene Lopez, MD & Orthopedic Surgeon

Angelique C. Mizera, Rehabilitation Physician

Spara is a very well made device that can be easily used for the relief of plantar fasciitis. This device can deliver focused, therapeutic pressure on injured areas without a lot of extra work from the patient.

You name the problem and I am seeing it from tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, etc...They are all working double duty and their feet are wearing out from the abuse. I gave out to [the doctors] today. They loved it and said it really feels better. The DOCTORS LOVE IT.

Dr. Kristina Janson, DPM

Foot injury prevention and treatment has never been so easy!

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